Monday, October 30, 2017

Vegan in Columbus Ohio

We went to Columbus Ohio over the weekend and found some great vegan meals. We'd already been to The Northstar Cafe, Portia's Cafe, and Loving Hut in the past, so this time we tried some new places.

We arrived Saturday, and went to the Indian vegetarian restaurant The Banana Leaf. There was an amazing lunch buffet, everything clearly labeled either vegetarian or vegan and gluten-free. There was mango juice (vegan) and mango lassi (vegetarian, yogurt drink), many main dishes, they brought poori bread to the table, as well as a tray of appetizers for each of us. And dosas!

tray of vegan appetizers

main dishes

so much food! 

delicious dosas!!

That evening we went to Mellow Mushroom, and had a vegan cheese pizza with Buffalo (spicy) tofu as a topping. Unfortunately I did not take a picture, but the waitress said they are using a new vegan cheese - I didn't ask what it was but it was very good!

The next day for lunch we went to 6-1-Pho (a play on Columbus's 614 area code) for amazing vegan Pho and spring rolls (again, no pictures!) This was a place where you order at the counter: choice of Pho, rice bowl, noodle bowl or Vietnamese Sub. All was available veggie: you simply specify veggie broth for the soup and tofu as the protein. You could also specify which veggies you want in your soup or bowl, so Dave was able to leave out the cilantro while I was happy to have them pile it on!

After our delicious lunch I found a place offering vegan donuts: Destination Donuts, which turned out to be in North Market: an amazing public market with tons of restaurants offering great vegan food! According to Wikipedia, North Market was actually North Graveyard for most of the 1800s, but in 1872 the graveyard began to be relocated to make way for the public market, which opened in 1876. We were there the Sunday before Halloween and some of the old spirits may have been haunting the place.

Too bad we had just eaten, though I would have had a difficult time choosing where to eat. Here's a shot from the seating upstairs, looking down on the market. 

And the vegan donuts:

If you have a favorite vegan place to eat in Columbus, please let me know!

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