Friday, September 1, 2017

Vegan In Frederick, MD: Glory Doughnuts!

In August for my birthday we camped on Chincoteague Island, VA. We saw the wild horses on Assateague Island (in the distance, we were in the VA side...the MD side is where they come up to you on the beach begging for food), got eaten by mosquitoes, got locked out of our car when the alarm went off and I panicked, enjoyed delicious food and gorgeous birds like great blue herons and egrets, but sadly, we did not see any Perseid Meteors, as the sky was full of clouds and rain.

On the way to the Island, we stopped for breakfast at Glory Doughnuts in Frederick, MD. It was FANTASTIC! Luckily it was a weekday so we were able to get a seat inside the small restaurant (we swung by on our way home but on a Sunday the line was intimidating!)

Dave got the "Baker's Breakfast": fried "egg" (tofu), home fries and toast, and Ella and I enjoyed the Huevos Rancheros, which was similar with the tofu and potatoes, but ours was on a tortilla with guacamole. Very delicious.

We also got four glorious donuts, which we ate in celebration of my birthday that evening and the next morning.

We are so happy we stumbled on this place! We met a couple from the South (I can't remember where!!) on their way home who also happened upon it, and they were so glad as well. The wife had gone plant-based (vegan) after watching What The Health (a great movie! can watch on Netflix.)

So if you find yourself in or passing by Frederick, MD and you need a great place to eat, we definitely recommend Glory Doughnuts!

~ Melissa

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