Monday, May 1, 2017

New Vegan Restaurant In Pittsburgh: Onion Maiden

There's a new vegan restaurant in Pittsburgh, and it's in my neck of the woods!

Across town live the wonderful B52 and Apteka (which I've yet to try), so I was so excited to learn that Onion Maiden is in Allentown, on a road I drive down almost daily (Warrington Ave.)

As you may have guessed from the name, it is a heavy-metal music themed vegan restaurant. Metal is not my preferred style of music, but I figured as long as they didn't have the music blaring I'd be ok. Not only did they not have the music blaring, while I was there I heard a couple of Smith's songs! (I love The Smiths.)

The food was delicious, I loved the atmosphere (and you'll love it more - I expect - if you are into metal music, it is filled with posters of metal bands), and the people working there were lovely as well.

I had the McMaiden Sandwich, which had a chickpea "egg" and cashew cheese:

Dave had the Matcha Waffle (his sides were on another plate, not pictured, but they were the same kale and potatoes):

We also got some donuts to bring home and share with our daughter:

We went for Saturday brunch:
I am sure we'll be back!

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